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The Plaza, NYC ♥ Living Well


The Plaza, NYC ♥ Living Well

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I know there isn’t a god. If there was there is no way she would put people through so much pain and leave others with so little compassion


There is a God, he just put you in a difficult position I make you stronger. To help you (:

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Scoliosis tag

awkwardnesstothefullest posted and I wanted to do one too!

Questions :
1. When were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed when I was in 7th grade in 2009 and now I am a sophomore in high school.

2. What are the degree(s) of your curve(s)?

It started out with a 45 degree thoracic curve in 2009, an then after two years of bracing it was at 30 degrees and as of February this yer it is 50 degrees.

3. Did/do you need a back brace?

Yes, I wore a back brave for two years.

4. Have/will you have surgery?

I will have surgery in August this summer. Super nervous!

5. Do your friends know you have it?

My close friends know I have it, but most of my peers do not.

6. On a scale from 1-10 ; how bad is your pain? (10 being the worst)

I have a trickling pain 24/7 but that is usually only like a 3 I barely notice it. If I sit too long or stand to log it can get to be a 6 or 7.

7. What is your best fashion tip and favorite place to shop for clothes for your scoliosis (brace)?

I loved getting soft camisoles for under my brave from BP Nordstrom because they didn’t rub against my skin as much as others and that helped. Also, since many I my friends new I wore a brace I wasn’t very self-cautious. I wore a uniform to school, but outside of school I still wore spaghetti strap shirts and any dress I wanted. I made the best of my back brace (:

8. How has scoliosis changed you?

It has changed me a lot already, but I know that after surgery I will be changed even more. Going into middle school I thought I was such a cool kid and I just wanted to fit in (as hard as it was already) and finding out about my scoliosis was not something I was pleased about. I think it has me me stronger and it shows me who my true friends are.

9. What is the best and worst part about having scoliosis?

Best: ughhh haha thats a htd one, probably getting out of pe in middle school. Haha or being able to knock on myself in public with my brace and see people’s reactions. Haha.
Worst: the pain, upcoming surgery, having a disproportional body

10. Who will you tag

Anyone oh has scoliosis (:

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Jurgita Dronina and David Galstyan


Jurgita Dronina and David Galstyan

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I came back today to find Jack skateboarding around the apartment in an indian headdress! 


I came back today to find Jack skateboarding around the apartment in an indian headdress! 

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